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Accessible ramps

Ramps should be no more than 1 in 12 for distances of less than 5m, for longer ramps they need to be designed to 1 in 15 up to ten metres and 1 in 20 for a longer approach. The width of an accessible ramp should be 1200mm and handrails to both sides

Accessible Doors

For wheel-chair users the minimum distance between the door stop and the face of the door when in the open position is 800mm for an entrance door, 775mm for an internal door when approached at 90 degrees and 750mm straight on. To achieve these clear dimensions door leafs are often 926mm and 826mm using standard metric doors. Door handles should be at 1m above floor level. Front entrance doors are often automated so they open on approach, another approach is to have ‘easy open doors’ which are power assisted and entrance doors should have low level 15mm acceible thresholds on them. Doors on corridors should also have vision panels

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible bathrooms need to be a minium of 2.5m x 2.7m but where assistnace is required these become 3.5m x 2.7m. Refer to our Cropwell Butler project