Hungerhill Allotment

Allotment centre – St Anns, Nottingham This project was completed in February 2014. The end result pretty much looks like what we drew  – which is always very rewarding and now that the surrounding gardens have been planted up, the centre looks amazing. The building is really well used by the allotment holders and the wider community and was officially opened by BBC newsreader Dominic Heal. The project was sponsored by The National lottery and was brilliantly managed by the well organised Renewal Trust who are based in Nottingham. Click here to read more   The building’s green credentials:

  • 400mm thick highly insulated walls and floors to minimise heat loss
  • Highly efficient Rationel window systems
  • Highly efficient air to water hat pump to turn cold air into heat (magic!)
  • Log burner as secondary source of heating
  • Green sedum roof
  • Overhanging roof to reduce overheating on the south elevation
  • Timber cladding
  • Sustainable drainage for run off water
  • 30 square metres of photovoltaic panels on the roof to generate all electricity on site
  • Water butts to collect rainwater

Click here to see the design proposal