Accessible rentals


There are lots of these small DIY SOS projects that we drop everything for to enable a very quick turnaround from finding a rental property to getting people with disabilities out of their current often inappropriate accommodation into something more suitable whilst they find a better property for their long term needs.

We survey properties, produce plans and specifications and tender these within days of instruction. We then get builders on site seven days later with a view to getting the works done in a couple of weeks. The value of these enabling projects is anything between ten and fifty thousand pounds, depending on their location and how long the clients intend to be there excluding any high value specialist supply equipment.

All of these projects aim to take a normal rental property and adapt it without spending a complete fortune to ensure that the entrance is level and accessible and that there is a ground floor accessible bedroom and wet room. We always provide external non slip ramps and decks to the rear of a rental property so that our clients can enjoy the garden and fresh air.

Most importantly for landlords, we do all of these works so that they can be easily removed after the tenancy period so they can get their house back to its original state. The reality is that we generally make the house more saleable and useful which opens up a wider market of private renting families and the adaptations remain in place.

Over the last two years we have worked in the following locations:

Stanmore  – North London

Standford le hope – East London