This was the most complex challenge we’ve had to date, to infill between two buildings in Horsham, West Sussex; a rather large executive house and a double garage which were at different angles to each other and at different heights.

The brief was to form a new dedicated wing for a young lad with CP and his carers. The accommodation needed to include a large physiotherapy and equipment room as well as a large bedroom interlinked to an accessible bathroom, which in turn linked to a hydrotherapy pool.

Our proposal was for a series of interlinked open ceiling rooms connected by continuous hoists. The spaces are joyful and uplifting and highly functional. A carer’s room and en suite have been threaded in with a new entrance and delightful entrance space created.

We formed a medical and administration station in the hall which was discreetly tucked away behind an in-built cupboard with sliding folding doors. In the main house we widened all the doors and formed a large wheelchair accessible lift to the upstairs, so that all the children could play together.

From the front of the property you would never know that behind this modest new entrance was a highly serviced functional and beautiful series of interlinked room which we think challenges the perception of how accessible design is often thought of.

Photo of extension in Horsham, West Sussex